No Headaches

While many companies can write your lease, what we do is make it faster and easier. Integrated is knowledgeable about your industry. We can help you understand what to expect in your financial disclosure and won’t waste your time asking a lot of petty questions.

The Real Deal

If you haven’t yet decided which vehicle is best for you, we’ll take the time to help you figure it out. With our buying power you get the best deal, even on hard-to-get vehicles, directly from the manufacturers.

As your company expands, Integrated is ready to take you to the next level. All business Vehicles & Equipment can be financed and Integrated makes it happen. Our counselors will assist in developing sound decisions while exploring all financing options that work best for you.

Service with a Smile

Specialty markets require experience and understanding. We offer volunteer rescue providers, for example, a unique program which reflects their particular needs. Other specialty services are available for the EMS, paratransit, ambulette, nursing home and other ambulance or high-cost municipal/public service vehicles.

We’ve been financing tow trucks since 1999 – so you know we’re your best partner to get your deal done. We offer the many benefits of creative leasing structures, such as graduated payments, seasonal skips, extended-term, 90 day deferral and pre-approval, in order to customize your lease program.

As a Limousine, Towncar or Hearse business owner you know that these vehicles are very expensive to purchase. Let us walk you through every step of the process. Together we will run lease vs. purchase comparison, to figure out which options best suits your needs, and which vehicle will maximize your ROI. Your success is our success.


We understand the street sweeping industries and have been financing these vehicles for years. Our experts actively listen to your needs to identify the right equipment for your job. We also assist you in municipal vehicle financing and leasing options, ensuring you can complete your project on any budget.


Elevate your fleet with our specialized financing solutions for vocational units. Whether it’s dump trucks, utility vehicles, or other essential vehicles represented in our diverse image portfolio, we bring over two decades of experience to meet the unique financial needs of businesses operating in various industries.

Integrated makes the acquisition of car carriers and transportation equipment affordable for businesses in the automotive industry. We have a long history of financing specialty vehicles, and our expertise extends to providing tailored solutions for auto transporters. Today’s car carrier businesses face unique challenges, and we are here to help you navigate them seamlessly.

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